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Metal Building Systems Erector

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Location: Edmonton & Fort McMurray

Metal Building System Erectors work on steel framed metal buildings generally referred to as pre-engineered buildings

They erect pre-engineered buildings and sometimes perform reconstructive work on existing structures.

In general, Metal Building System Erectors:

  • Read blueprints and specification to lay out the work
  • Unload and stack steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed
  • Erect and install scaffolding, construction cranes and other hoisting equipment
  • Align and bolt steel units in place
  • Erect structural and architectural metal components for buildings, and other structures
  • Assemble rigging (cables, pulleys, hooks) to move materials
  • Attach cables from a crane and direct crane operators with hand signals or radios
  • Assemble and erect pre=fabricated metal structures
  • Install ornamental and other structural metal work such as curtain walls and metal cladding products
  • Dismantle structures and equipment when required


Prior experience as a metal system building erector.


Successful Metal Building System Erectors enjoy developing their expertise by doing precise work in a broad range of industries and locations.  They enjoy the outdoors and often like travelling and working with different crews.

Training / Education

Apprenticeship training.


Lots of employees have been here a long time, so there's a real sense of cooperation. A lot of them have worked other places, so they know good from bad. They're here because they want to be.

Louis Carbone

General Superintendent

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