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Project Managers

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Location: Yellowknife, NWT

Provide overall management direction for existing projects and develop new business opportunities relative to a particular Client, group of Clients, geographical area or type of project. The Project Manager is to oversee operations of projects assigned to him/her. this would include but is not limited to profitability, duty assignment, safety, budgets, scheduling, and communication.


Minimum 7 years of related construction experience.
Experience with construction management and design/build formats. Familiarity with computerized project management systems including scheduling, estimating, planning and cost control.


Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. - The ability to efficiently handle and administer multiple tasks on concurrently running projects are required abilities.

Skilled, loyal, entrepreneurial staff will always be Clark Builders' foundation.

Training / Education

A post-secondary Degree in engineering or the equivalent of a designated Professional Engineer or a Technical School graduate in a construction related discipline.


Employee ownership allows eligible employees to not only make a good wage but prosper by how the company does. Number two, it's a measuring stick, an indicator to our employees as to how the company's doing. It's also a bit of a retention program. If you're happy with the program, you will stick around. Why would you want to move elsewhere where you don't have an equity component in the business?

Paul Verhesen

President & CEO

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