To our CBGOC Team, Trade Partners, Consultants, Clients & Friends,

Clark Builders recognizes the importance of addressing the consequences of on-going, undeniable racism that exists and has affected BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) in our communities for centuries.

The world is mobilizing to actively create change, as we grieve for the too many Black and Indigenous lives, unjustly taken.

At Clark Builders, racism and discrimination of any kind, in our offices and on our project sites will not be tolerated. In view of the injustices that continue to occur in the communities where we live and work, it is clear we all must do more.

We commit and ask each of you to commit to creating an inclusive environment and provide a safe place where each of our colleagues can be their authentic selves. We commit to reviewing every aspect of our business through the lens of equity and make any needed changes in our company. We will work harder to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and dignity within the workplace.

Let us reflect on our personal actions and relationships. We must move beyond quiet support and become active and accountable allies to anti-racism and changing the systemic oppression of BIPOC communities. We must listen, educate ourselves, see and hear one another. Have the courage to engage in deeper conversations.

In addition, we are going to:

  • Establish Employee Resource Groups, starting with our Black, Indigenous & People of Color employee population, to help us collaborate in furthering inclusion.
  • Deliver on our commitments, in our Progressive Indigenous Relations Plan
  • Deliver The Franklin Covey – Unconscious Bias Training (Virtually), to help uncover hidden biases that contribute to separation, pain, and systemic oppression.
  • Invest in Non-for Profits through our Clark Builders Community Foundation, that help materially support organizations making impactful change for oppressed people and communities.

Our Clark Builders team truly cares for one another. Join us in speaking out against racial injustice and taking peaceful action to support inclusion and equity. The work we do in building a more just society could be the most important, lasting, rewarding, and life-changing work we do in our career. Let’s help each other make changes in our company, on our projects, across our industry and within the communities we serve.


Clark Builders’ Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Andrew Ross, Chief Executive Officer
Brad Regier, Chief Operating Officer
Steve Lenarduzzi, President
Kim Connell, Senior Vice President