Define Success
If you don’t know where you’re going, no road can take you there. At the start of each project we work carefully with all of our partners to define success. That way we all know where we’re headed.
Exceptional projects require exceptional teams. That’s why for every project we build a strong network of cooperation between employees, leaders, the client, and our industry partners. Clark Builder’s culture of integrated collaboration helps us deliver value and fulfill our purpose.
Our company was founded by two people who never stopped looking for a better way to do construction. Forty years later, that commitment to relentless improvement lives on through initiatives like our use of Building Information Modelling, lean construction, and new project delivery models. By emphasizing innovation before work begins at site, we make new ideas easier and less expensive to carry out.
Contracting isn’t always easy. That’s what makes Clark Builders' 40-year track record stand out. With industry veterans guiding each project, we execute the established plan with efficiency, safety, and open lines of communication.
We see our clients as long-term partners, and we believe real progress only happens when everyone wins. With that in mind, we apply our characteristic attention to detail to project closeout, closely comparing planning documents with what actually got built.

Partner with Clark Builders

From government buildings and schools to warehouses and apartment buildings, we have the experience and expertise to manage, build and deliver projects of all sizes.