Delina Esak - Project Assistant at Clark BuildersEMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Delina Esak is a Project Assistant that has been with Clark Builders for 14 years. She is known for her incredible organization, cheery demeanour and “get it done” attitude. As a “Jack of All Trades”, she is instrumental in the ongoing project and contract administration in our Northern Alberta office. As a high-functioning individual, she focuses on preparing subcontracts, owner contracts, change orders, preparing maintenance manuals for owners and ensuring accurate archiving of files.

Delina embodies Clark Builders’ core values and lives our purpose by enriching the lives of the people she works with and the communities we help build.

What work are you most proud of thus far in your career?

What I am most proud of is the interaction I’ve had with different departments like finance, risk and safety, facilitating working sessions to bring our Operations Manual current, helping to complete a Field Operations Career Builder, and supporting our project teams with tasks in the different software programs that we use.

I really do enjoy what I do and I’m excited to be a part of our future successes!

Why did you choose this career/what purpose does this work fulfill in your life?

I don’t think I choose this career; this career chose me! I had a desk in my room growing up that was big enough to fit a typewriter on it, then a computer, a phone, a calculator and the old general ledgers that my Mom kept long after working in the Chateau LaCombe downtown Edmonton.

The desk drawers were full of pens, markers, rulers, file folders and all the paper I needed to play office. I answered the phone like I was talking to a CEO on the other end, the delivery guy confirming an order, or my boss who needed something done stat!

If you had asked me then what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you a veterinarian, but I knew I belonged in an office; in an environment where I could support reaching a common goal or end result. I’m not one for the spotlight at any time for anything, but I do know that what I do is important, it matters, and it’s appreciated!

What was your very first job? What did it teach you?

My very first job was a CSR for a Sears Catalogue & Appliance store in Cold Lake, AB. It was my first introduction to the importance of numbers balancing at the end of a shift. Communication with co-workers on tasks that remained to be completed, understanding what we were selling on the appliance floor, providing customers with an informative shopping experience, and supporting an entire team that made the company’s day-to-day operations run smoothly.

I knew after my time at the outlet store I wasn’t meant to be front and center in a sales position, but it paved the way for other jobs I held from Accounts Payable at a trucking company, to Reception at a music store and finally as a Project Assistant at Clark Builders.

What is your favorite restaurant in Edmonton?

When I was completing my studies at Grant MacEwan, the closest restaurant was not the one inside Grant MacEwan but the Denny’s restaurant across the street. I spent hours during the day doing homework there, drinking coffee and eating smothered cheese fries with mayonnaise as the dipping sauce! It wasn’t that the food was fantastic or fabulous, but the atmosphere was inviting, the staff was friendly, and they took the time to get to know the patrons.

Today is no different; I will gladly suggest going to eat at Denny’s to get Moons over My Hammy or a Superbird; plus drink all the coffee I want!

Now…..if there were ever a restaurant that offered cheese whiz for my pancakes and waffles, THAT would be my ultimate favourite restaurant!