Say hello to John! A dedicated site foreman, with a genuine love for construction work, John has been with Clark Builders for over 14 years. In his own words, this career picked him as much as he picked it. John’s favourite part of the job is developing positive relationships with groups of people working towards a common goal, overcoming challenges and adapting to change along the way, while having a good time doing it.

Made for construction, John loves the feeling of accomplishment and takes pride in a job well done. The one project that still stands out to him was his first time as General Foreman at South Bank, a mixed-use development in Calgary.

Why did you choose this career?

It’s hard to say if I picked the career or if it picked me. I was made for construction. I sincerely love it, and the feeling of accomplishment and pride in a job well done means a lot to me. I love producing something from nothing, whether that be a large project, a simple house, or a piece of furniture.

Furthermore, I am inspired by ordinary people who have overcome or live with huge obstacles in their lives and do so with a positive attitude and a smile on their faces.

If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?

While I think the ability to become invisible would be pretty tempting, I think I would probably opt for the ability to control time and fast-forward mankind past this difficult and stressful time.

What work are you most proud of thus far in your career?

The work I’m most proud of would have to be the project South Bank, my first stint as General Foreman. I was very fortunate to part of a fantastic group of people building what turned out to be a high-quality mixed-use development in Calgary.