Kristy Skinner - Clark BuildersEMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Have you met Kristy Skinner? She’s a high performing Project Coordinator who has been with Clark Builders for almost ten years.

As a busy mother of four and a full-time construction professional, Kristy excels when juggling multiple demands. She’s a people person that has a passion for architecture and genuinely enjoys the construction process and the challenges it presents.

As part of the operations team in Calgary, she works closely with our teams on-site and is involved in contract negations, cost control and budget management, and building and maintaining strong relationships with owners, consultants, and subtrades. She is also instrumental in the implementation and management of the Last Planner System to ensure our projects are on track and completed successfully.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love working with people. I’m not a person who likes to do things alone, or even spend much time by myself, so it only made sense for me to choose a career where I would always be part of a large team.

What work are you most proud of thus far in your career?

I am proud of every project that I have worked on and love pointing out the buildings that I have been a part of. The project I feel most proud of is the Mustard Seed Affordable Housing project. It was my first major project with Clark Builders and one that I spent over 2 years working on. It feels extra special to have been part of a project that provides a safe home for over 200 people.

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?

In 2017, my husband and I decided on a crazy whim to take our 2-year-old and 9-month-old on a trip to Europe. We spent 5 days in Greece, and it was the most incredible and memorable experience. While there, we developed a love for Greek Gyros so naturally, when we got home, we were on a mission to find true, authentic Greek Gyros. It didn’t take long for us to discover Paros Real Greek, a small restaurant in downtown Calgary. It has become our go-to date night spot. Their pita wraps are SO good, and the baklava is to die for!

Why did you choose this career?

My career ambitions started with an interest in Interior Design and quickly transitioned to a love of architecture after a high school trip to New York City. I did my undergraduate degree in Architecture at Ryerson University in Toronto and after my first year, I felt drawn to the process of construction so decided to major in Construction Project Management.

What was your very first job? What did it teach you?

My first job was working in the kitchen at McDonald’s when I was 15. It was such a fun, lively atmosphere where I learned the importance of consistency, multitasking and teamwork. All essential skills in my role now.