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Building Retrofits & Tenant Improvements

Revitalizing Spaces for a Sustainable Future

At Clark Builders, we recognize the hidden possibilities within every space. Whether you're envisioning a complete transformation of your existing space or a large-scale retrofit, our specialized team is poised to bring your vision to life.

In this dynamic sector, each project is a unique endeavor, shaped by your specific objectives. We work closely with you, delving into your vision and considering key elements like energy efficiency, accessibility, and aesthetics. Through this collaboration, we ensure your project not only meets but exceeds your goals, resulting in spaces that inspire and thrive.

BuildingRetrofit_Minimizing Disruption

Minimizing Disruptions, Maximizing Efficiency

In retrofit and tenant improvement projects, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining your building’s functionality during construction. Our meticulous planning and phased construction methodology is designed to minimize disruptions for both tenants and occupants. This approach ensures your day-to-day operations can proceed seamlessly, experiencing only minimal impact during the entire construction process.

Incorporating Modern Technologies

The integration of modern technologies is at the core of our retrofit and improvement projects. We harness cutting-edge technology to elevate the functionality and efficiency of your space. Our focus spans across essential elements, including HVAC upgrades, smart building systems, and energy management solutions. This integration ensures your space not only meets but exceeds contemporary standards, enhancing both performance and sustainability.


Project Types

We specialize in transformative building retrofits and tenant improvements, catering to a diverse range of project types. Our expertise extends from revamping commercial spaces for enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal to upgrading historic buildings for energy efficiency and modern compliance.

Within this sector, our diverse portfolio of project types includes:

  • Office Space Retrofit
  • Retail Store Renovation & Restaurant Remodel  
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Building Envelope Upgrades
  • Historic Building Renovation

Featured Projects

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Andrew Davison Office Modernization


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Deloitte Tenant Improvement

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Fort Edmonton Park

King Edward Arts Hub Main

King Eward Arts Hub

Realtors Association

Realtors Association - CX Place

Wow Lighting

WOW Lighting and Controls

Sustainable Upgrades for Enhanced Efficiency

Our retrofit projects encompass a wide array of enhancements, including building envelope upgrades, the incorporation of green building features, energy-efficient systems, and utilization of sustainable materials. We're committed to elevating building performance and operational efficiency.

Through our Metal Buildings division, we execute building envelope upgrades aligning with the Canada Green Building Council's (CGBC) standards, exemplified by our collaboration with Manulife. Together, we revitalized an aging and underperforming asset, positioning Manulife for increased occupancy, improved tenant experience, and immediate energy and operational efficiency gains. We added value by identifying opportunities beyond physical upgrades, enhancing tenant comfort, increasing the building's appeal to potential occupants, and maximizing energy savings.

Our holistic approach ensures that each project goes beyond aesthetics, transforming properties into more functional, efficient, and appealing spaces.