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Government & Public Services

Building Beyond the Project

Inst_GJ_Kananaskis Emergency Services Centre (1) (1)-1

Our Expertise

Celebrating a rich history of working with Government and Public Services clients, we stand as trusted partners in realizing project objectives and delivering operations centres and public maintenance buildings across Western Canada. Our extensive expertise includes projects ranging from $2M to over $100M, encompassing experience with tilt-up, IFP panels, architectural pre-cast, pre-engineered buildings, and structural pre-cast. 

Our commitment in refining efficient processes has enabled our team to deliver the best value to our clients on a range of challenging projects, including federal buildings, civic centres, emergency services centres, police services, fire halls, and public works facilities. With a focus on innovation, we navigate complex construction, incorporating specialized features such as training towers, heavy steel doors, glulam timbers, concrete work in northern climates, and pre-engineered buildings.

Project Types

We've been instrumental in constructing vital infrastructure across a range of project types. Each project showcases our commitment to excellence in constructing essential public service facilities that serve communities effectively.

Within this sector, our diverse portfolio of project types includes:

  • Police Services & Fire Halls
  • Justice Facilities
  • Federal Buildings
  • Public Works & Municipal Facilities

Featured Projects

Inst_GJ_Edmonton Police Services Southwest Station Main

Edmonton Police Services Southwest Division Station

Inst_GJ_Federal Building Main

Federal Building

Inst_GJ_Fort McKay Fire Hall Main

Fort McKay Fire Hall

Government NWT Office Building (2) (1)

Government of Northwest Territories Building

Inst_GJ_Kananaskis Emergency Services Centre (3)

Kananaskis Emergency Services Centre

Inst_GJ_Red Deer Justice Centre

Red Deer Justice Centre

Westgate Fire Station

Westgate Fire Staition

Meet the team

We are established as a one-team approach, working together to serve all of Clark Builders’ business units and offices, regardless of location. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who bring expertise and provide leadership and strategic direction for the growth and development of the market sector, all while offering unparalleled service, and industry insights through collaborative engagement with our clients and consultants.

Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist
Miles Ukaoma
Miles Ukaoma
Giles Talbot
Giles Talbot
Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist