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Self-Perform Services

Our industry-leading team self-performs complex work on projects of all sizes and across all sectors.

Metal Building Solutions

Pre-engineered steel buildings stand as a testament to durability and cost-effectiveness, especially in extreme climates. As a turnkey general contractor, we handle every aspect of design and construction, utilizing our in-house teams for all phases, including concrete, supply, and installation. Our streamlined approach, involving prefabrication, ensures projects meet tight schedules with ease. This comprehensive method results in buildings that are not only robust and eco-friendly but also economical.

Morinville Rec Preeng
Stanley Milner Library Cladding

Building Envelopes

Our in-house building envelope and architectural cladding teams supply and install a diverse range of products for newly constructed buildings and retrofit buildings. In collaboration with architects, building envelope consultants and clients, we provide expertise on the latest exterior products, design, constructability along with manufacturers and industry standard details. We ensure quality construction, while adhering to the latest building code and thermal value requirements.

Concrete Services

We are dedicated to delivering high quality work on every project. Our team of concrete specialists is equipped with decades of building experience and skills that ensure each pour increases the project’s value. We self-perform our concrete work, enabling us to control the quality, cost, and schedule. Our project-specific assessments allow us to plan each pour in meticulous detail, providing our partners and clients with confidence that we are delivering the highest level of skill and quality.



Concrete - RDJC
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Specialized Carpentry

Our team is equipped with specialized and skilled carpenters for even the most complex project needs. Our attention to detail and desire to create lasting memories translates to our performance across all building types—from new builds to restoring century old buildings, our team can complete your specialized project.

NorthStar Equipment Rentals

NorthStar Equipment Rentals is our Alberta-based construction equipment rental service that specializes in providing top-quality machinery for a wide range of construction projects.

Our team at NorthStar is committed to exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and a comprehensive selection of equipment, which is central to meeting our clients' needs effectively. No matter the complexity of the project or the constraints of the timeline, NorthStar possesses the necessary machinery and expertise to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.



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Construction supplies being lifted over canada


Our SourceBlue strategic sourcing group offers a comprehensive procurement service that specializes in a broad range of areas such as mechanical and electrical equipment, architectural finishes, and fixtures, prefabricated and modular solutions, furniture, lighting, and more.

SourceBlue provides support to our clients, consultants, and trade partners in procuring critical path equipment packages while helping project teams better manage risk, schedule, and cost certainty. Our comprehensive network of manufacturer-direct relationships provides our clients with unprecedented transparency and leverage for solving complex supply chain issues.

Featured Projects

Fort McKay Youth Centre

Fort McKay Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is a remarkable accomplishment that showcases a modern facility with contemporary architecture and an impressive exterior plaza ...
Stanley Milner Library

Stanley Milner Library

Originally built in the 1960s, the Stanley A. Milner Library renewal consisted of removing the existing library façade and installing a new cladding ...
King Edward Arts Hub

King Edward Arts Hub

The King Edward Arts Hub and Incubator is a creative space for local artists and non-profit organizations that features work spaces, meeting rooms, ...
Diwan Pavilion and Aga Khan Garden at University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Diwan Pavilion and Aga Khan Garden

The Diwan Pavilion is a majestic new community space located within the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, serving as a contemporary ...
Salt River First Nation Multipurpose Facility

Salt River First Nation Multipurpose Facility

The Salt River First Nation Multipurpose facility was designed and constructed to provide an iconic feature on the main street, which reflects the ...
Okotoks Arts & Learning Campus

Okotoks Arts & Learning Campus

The Okotoks Arts and Learning Campus is an iconic project for the Town of Okotoks, creating a strong anchor for the downtown core. The new space is ...


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