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Cultural & Community

Building Thriving Communities Inspires Everything We Do

At Clark Builders, we recognize that the structures we create are more than just buildings; they’re the cornerstone of culture and community. We take immense pride in our role as builders, shaping the spaces where people come together, celebrate their heritage, and create lasting memories.

We understand that these spaces are where connections are forged, traditions are upheld, and the essence of a community is celebrated. That's why we approach every project with a commitment to preserving and enhancing the cultural fabric of the community.

Co_RE_Fort Edmonton Park_(5)

Our Expertise

As a team, we execute with leading best practices, delving into the intricacies of acoustics and the distinctive challenges of spatial utilization. Our goal is to build the right atmosphere creating smart spaces for gathering, discussion, and music to occur. We apply our deep knowledge of building codes, regulations, and safety requirements with pre-engineered structures tailored for cultural and community facilities. What sets us apart is our keen awareness of the cultural nuances within the local community and ensuring the new building blends seamlessly.

Project Types

We work closely with community leaders, architects, and stakeholders to ensure that every project aligns with the vision and values of the community it serves.

Within this sector, our diverse portfolio of project types includes:

  • Community Spaces
  • Cultural and Learning Centres
  • Libraries
  • Religious & Worship Centres
  • Theatres & Art Galleries

Featured Projects

Inst_CU_Diwan Pavilion Main (1)

Diwan Pavilion and Aga Khan Garden

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement Project

Esker Foundation Art Gallery

Esker Foundation Art Gallery

Fort McKay First Nation Youth Centre

Fort Mckay Youth Centre

Francis Winspear Completion

Francis Winspear Centre

Co_RE_Jeanne Peter_Performing_Arts_Main

Jeanne Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

King Edward Arts Hub Main-1

King Edward Arts Hub

Myer Horowitz Theatre

Myer Horowitz Theatre

Inst_CU_Okotoks Arts _ Learning Campus Main

Okotoks Arts & Learning Campus

Inst_RE_Okotoks Church

Okotoks Church

Inst_RE_Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples Main

Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples


Salt River First Nations

Inst_CU_Stanley Milner Main

Stanley Milner Library

St. Francis Xavier Church

St. Francis Xavier Church

St Josaphat-1 (Lo Res)

St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Parish Restoration

St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church

St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church

Whitecourt Culture and Event

Whitecourt Culture and Events Centre

The Story of Sacred Heart Church

Discover how our team restored the Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples after a devastating fire in 2020, and transformed the gathering place for the world to view.

Meet the team

We are established as a one-team approach, working together to serve all of Clark Builders’ business units and offices, regardless of location. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who bring expertise and provide leadership and strategic direction for the growth and development of the market sector, all while offering unparalleled service, and industry insights through collaborative engagement with our clients and consultants.

Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist
Miles Ukaoma
Miles Ukaoma
Giles Talbot
Giles Talbot
Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist