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Building Innovative and Safe Learning Environments for the Next Generation

Inst_HE_Productivity and Innovation Centre (7)

Our Experience

With a wealth of expertise, exceptional skills, and a proven track record, our team is prepared to deliver state-of-the-art educational facilities tailored to our client’s vision and values. Clark Builders’ success in constructing educational institutions is evident in our extensive portfolio of completed projects. We possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique requirements and complexities involved in building state-of-the-art schools and campuses. Our team’s familiarity with academic settings enables us to seamlessly integrate functionality, technology, and design, creating an environment that fosters learning and growth. 


Project Types

We emphasize open communication and proactive engagement with all stakeholders, including faculty, administrators, and students. This approach ensures that the vision for the educational facility is captured in every aspect of the project. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we guarantee the final facility reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community.

Within this sector, our diverse portfolio of project types includes:

  • Academic and Research Facilities
  • Kindergarten to Grade 12 Schools
  • Learning Centres & Training Facilities
  • Performing Arts Centres
  • Post-Secondary Institutions

Featured K-12 Projects

Inst_K12_Clear Water Academy (5)

Clear Water Academy

Inst_K12_Siksika Crowfoot School Main

Crowfoot School

Inst_K12_Douglas Elementary

Douglas Elementary School

Inst_K12_Dr Anne Anderson High School (7)

Dr. Anne Anderson High School

Inst_K12_Elsie Fabian Main

Elsie Fabian School

Inst_K12_Escuela Mill Creek School Main

Escuela Mill Creek School

Inst_K12_Heritage Hills School Main

Heritage Hills Elementary School

Inst_K12_JH Sissons Main

JH Sissons School

St Lorenzo (8)

St. Lorenzo Ruiz School

Featured Higher Education Projects

Inst_HE_Allard Hall Main-1

Allard Hall

Inst_HE_Centre for Applied Technology Main

Centre for Applied Technology

kihew waciston Indigenous Centre

kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre

Northern Lakes College

Northern Lakes College

Inst_HE_Productivity and Innovation Centre Main

Productivity and Innovation Centre

Inst_HE_Red Crow Community College Main

Red Crow Community College

Inst_HE_Robert G. Kuhn School of Business (1)-1

Robert G. Kuhn School of Business

Inst_HE_University Commons Main

University Commons

Featured Student Residence Projects

MacEwan Student Residence

MacEwan Student Residence

Red Deer Polytechnic

Red Deer Polytechnic Residence

Meet the team

We are established as a one-team approach, working together to serve all of Clark Builders’ business units and offices, regardless of location. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who bring expertise and provide leadership and strategic direction for the growth and development of the Higher Education market sector, all while offering unparalleled service, and industry insights through collaborative engagement with our clients and consultants.

Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist
Miles Ukaoma
Miles Ukaoma
Giles Talbot
Giles Talbot
Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist