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Indigenous Communities

Building Stronger Communities Together

At Clark Builders, we don’t just construct buildings; we cultivate lasting relationships and partnerships within Indigenous communities. Our mission is to foster strong connections, stimulate economic growth, and preserve cultural heritage while delivering exceptional construction projects. We are dedicated to building not only structures but also a sustainable future grounded in mutual respect and understanding.

IndigenousCommunities_Economic Growth Option 2

Empowering Economic Growth

Our projects serve as catalysts for economic growth, generating employment, providing valuable training, and fostering sustainable career opportunities within the local Indigenous workforce. In every construction endeavor, we prioritize the hiring of Indigenous labour, directly benefiting the community. This approach not only bolsters local economies but leaves a lasting legacy of employment and empowerment.

Embracing Culture and Heritage

We recognize the invaluable diversity within every Indigenous community—each with its distinct history, traditions, and profound connection to the land. Our construction projects are meticulously crafted to honour and uphold these cultural elements.

Through meaningful collaboration with local Indigenous communities, we prioritize their insights, ensuring that every aspect of our projects aligns with the preservation of their rich cultural heritage. Whether incorporating traditional materials or monitoring for Indigenous artifacts during ground disturbance work, we are committed to upholding and celebrating the identity of the communities we serve.

IndigenousCommunities_Collaborative Partnership

Fostering Collaborative Partnerships

We understand that the success of any project relies on strong, collaborative relationships with local Indigenous trade partners and organizations. These partnerships extend beyond construction goals to create opportunities for the community to thrive.

Our commitment involves active involvement with Indigenous trade partners and vendors in pivotal decision-making processes. By doing so, we not only enhance project outcomes but also bolster the sustainability and self-reliance of Indigenous businesses, strengthening the fabric of the community.

Project Types

We are deeply committed to supporting Indigenous communities through meaningful construction projects that resonate with unique cultural and practical needs. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and respect, ensuring we prioritize local involvement and employment, fostering skills development and economic growth within these communities.

  • Community and Recreation Centres
  • Elder Residences
  • Emergency Response Facilities
  • K-12 Schools and Post Secondary Institutions
  • Cultural and Land Base Learning Centres 
  • Renewable Energy Projects

Featured Projects

Inst_K12_Siksika Crowfoot School Main

Crowfoot School

Inst_K12_Elsie Fabian Main

Elsie Fabian School

Enoch Solid Waste

Enoch Solid Waste Diversion Station

Ind_AE_ATCO Fort Chipewyan Solar_Main-1

Fort Chipewan Solar

Fort McKay Elders

Fort McKay First Nation Elders Residence

Fort McKay First Nation Youth Centre

Fort McKay First Nation Youth Centre

Old Crow

Old Crow Battery Energy Storage System and Microgrid Controller Project

Paul First nation Waste Transfer

Paul First Nation Waste Transfer Station

Inst_HE_Red Crow Community College Main

Red Crow Community College


Salt River First Nations Facility

Tallcree First Nation Waste Transfer Station

Tallcree First Nation Waste Transfer Station

Our History with Fort McKay First Nation

Our relationship with Fort McKay First Nation began in 2014 and has been growing stronger ever since. Steve Lenarduzzi, President of Clark Builders, and Fort McKay residents and entrepreneurs speak to the positive impact this relationship has had on Fort McKay First Nation.