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Transportation & Aviation

Building with safety, reliability, and comfort in mind to carry you forward

Inst_TR_Airdrie Transit Facility (4)

Our Expertise

We have widespread experience in dealing with various forms of transportation facilities including operational facilities such as transit, maintenance facilities and airports. Some common challenges include noise, odor, dust, and dirt containment, FOD prevention, minimizing the interaction of construction workers with customers and other stakeholders.

As a team, we execute with leading best practices and apply thoughtful and thorough design at every stage of the project to maximize efficiency and minimize time. We apply our deep knowledge of building codes, regulations, and safety requirements and cater to each project’s unique requirements for usage, heating and cooling needs, space constraints, and more. We prioritize the client’s values, business goals and vision of success, allowing us to satisfy project requirements and exceed client expectations within a collaborative and innovative process. 

Project Types

We specialize in constructing essential transportation facilities such as bus barns, parkades, and garages, pivotal for the smooth operation of urban and regional transit systems. Our projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of each community, emphasizing functionality, safety, and sustainability.

Within this sector, our diverse portfolio of project types include:

  • Transit Stations and Bus Depots
  • Fleet Maintenance Facilities
  • Garages
  • Airport Hangars
  • Parkades

Featured Projects

Inst_TR_Airdrie Transit Facility Main

Airdrie Transit Facility

Inst_TR_Centennial Garage Main

City of Edmonton Centennial Garage

Inst_TR_ Fleet Maintenance Facility Main

Fleet Services Maintenance

Jubilee Parkade

Jubilee Parkade

Inst_TR_NAIT Parkade

NAIT Parkade

Red Deer Civic Yard (1)-1

Red Deer Civic Yard Expansion

Inst_TR_RMWB Transit Facility Main

RMWB Transit Facility

Meet the team

We are established as a one-team approach, working together to serve all of Clark Builders’ business units and offices, regardless of location. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who bring expertise and provide leadership and strategic direction for the growth and development of the market sector, all while offering unparalleled service, and industry insights through collaborative engagement with our clients and consultants.

Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist
Miles Ukaoma
Miles Ukaoma
Giles Talbot
Giles Talbot
Bradley Haveman
Chris Lanting
Project Executive, Sector Specialist