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Investing in Tomorrow

We are committed to a more sustainable future through environmental stewardship, active community engagement, and fostering trusted relationships that embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Clark Builders continues to build on strong, sustainable values and practices, with existing commitments such as Progressive Indigenous Relations, Social Procurement, Community Give Back, and Sustainability.

We are dedicated to ingraining these programs everywhere we operate, but as a company, we strive for more—practicing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) with a focus not only on financial returns, but also on how decisions impact people and our planet.

ESG Plan 2025

The Clark Builders ESG Plan 2025 is a framework to integrate and build on our current programs under one umbrella. Our ESG Plan is built on three pillars consisting of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Within each pillar, we have defined the most relevant lines of action, commitments and implementation steps that will influence our decision making. Our formalized commitments and actions can be measured and validated by our people, our clients, and our community stakeholders.

We’re proud of the journey we’re on and the progress we are making, and we hope you will join us.
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Protecting & Sustaining Our Planet

We are dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable construction and believe that businesses must play a leading role in innovations and solutions to address the impacts of climate change. We are focused on advancing sustainable building practices with our skilled team of professionals and integrating Lean practices throughout the construction process to reduce waste on all levels.

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Caring for Our Teams, Our Partners & Our Communities

Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our business approach, enabling us to cultivate a more positive and impactful culture for our people, clients, and the communities where we work, live and build.

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Accountable Business Practices for a Better World

The governance factors of decision-making, from policy making to the distribution of rights and responsibilities among employees, are critical to our organizational success. Implementing ESG targets into our business and risk framework enables us to develop an environment aligned with our purpose.

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We recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences in building an inclusive foundation where every team member feels valued and respected. 

Talent: We build better teams that are focused on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and developing talent from all backgrounds. 

Life-Long Learning: We offer our people access to on-demand courses for continual professional development through our Clark Builders University platform. 

Meaningful Support: Our Employee Resource Groups and committees create a sense of belonging and offer support, education, and mentorship opportunities. 

Workplace Respect: Our Workplace Respect Policy and focus on industry best practices help ensure our sites and workplaces operate free from discrimination and harassment. 


We are committed to maximizing local participation in our projects and providing meaningful benefits to the communities where we work, through:

Local and Inclusive Staffing: Strengthening ties with local labour sources and community staffing agencies to enhance employment inclusion and job participation at levels that meet or exceed living wages.

Local and Inclusive Business Engagement: Demonstrating meaningful inclusion and participation by local suppliers and trade partners in project procurement processes and local spend opportunities.

Community Benefit Strategies: Implementing project strategies that help us actively live our purpose and positively impact our communities through clear social objectives. 

Ethical Buying Decisions: Developing long-term relationships with clients and industry partners who are social impact businesses to optimize community impacts.

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We recognize that reducing environmental impact can be achieved in many creative ways, and we have the expertise and experience to help select the alternatives best suited to our clients’ projects. Whether that means reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by retrofitting an existing building, incorporating solar power as an energy alternative, or adopting a low-energy building design, we know how to plan and execute to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our corporate sustainability journey is essential to our long-term success. We provide our teams with training opportunities, strategies for waste and GHG emissions, environmental research and reporting, and other green initiatives to assist in informing and implementing sustainable construction practices across our organization.


We are proud to be a part of community development and growth through the projects and local infrastructure we help build. As a Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) Aboriginal Procurement Champion, Clark Builders is committed to partnering with Indigenous communities throughout all project design, preconstruction, and procurement stages with local hiring and procurement strategies. 

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Community involvement is the cornerstone to building a positive, sustainable, and enriching future. 

Through the Clark Builders Community Foundation, our giving aims to have an impact by creating stronger communities, supporting fundamental needs such as Health & Wellness, Food & Shelter, and nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow.