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Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Description

The Fort Edmonton Park project was a comprehensive revitalization endeavor, aimed at elevating and enhancing the park's appeal to ensure it remains as a premier destination in Alberta, for years to come.

One of the prominent features and exhibits, was the multi-award-winning Indigenous Peoples' Experience (IPE), which incorporated thorough site development for the creation of a new educational exhibit hall. Through the collaboration of the project team, owner, and consultants, we established an Indigenous Monitoring program that facilitated meaningful engagement with the Métis and First Nations communities across Treaty 6, 7, and 8 territories. Through this program, we proactively identified potential negative environmental impacts while capturing invaluable verbal history and stories.

Our team undertook specialty fit-out construction that encompassed wayfinding, signage, theming, audio-visual installations, lighting enhancements, and a state-of-the-art sound system. Our team took immense pride in designing and overseeing the construction of the outdoor traditional and food arbours, that provides a dedicated space to showcase traditional Indigenous ceremonies ranging from food preparation techniques to ceremonial dances.

Another focal point of the project was the expansion and revitalization to the existing Midway area, adding new structures, site development, thematic enhancements including rides and games, captivating audio-visual installations, and an immersive themed light and sound system. Additionally, our team renovated the front entrance of the park to enhance its visual appeal and functionality and undertook numerous restorations to historic buildings through our Special Projects division.

The project wasn’t without its share of challenges, such as the need to replace all major utility lines, including storm, sanitary, gas, power, water, and communications, which posed a significant undertaking. However, our team successfully facilitated the seamless connection of each building to the new utility lines. 

Another challenge experienced was the environmental complexities inherent in working within Edmonton's river valley, that required the careful relocation of animal nests, the drainage of a pond while safeguarding the fish and amphibian wildlife and implementing effective erosion control measures. Our team successfully navigated these challenges and overcame them through collaboration and development of innovative solutions.

Proof of the success has been the recognition of the IPE winning two prestigious awards including the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement for an Attraction, Heritage Centre, through the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), as well as the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Americas Award for Excellence. 

The Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement project encompassed a broad range of improvements and additions, elevating various facets of the park. With the introduction of the Indigenous Peoples' Experience, the expansion of the Midway area, new front entrance, and the numerous restoration projects, we revitalized the Fort Edmonton Park to allow it to continue to captivate, educate and culturally enrich visitors from Edmonton, and beyond.

  • Client

    City of Edmonton

  • Architect

    Stantec Architecture Ltd.

  • Size

    158 acres
    IPE: 31,000 sq.ft.
    Midway: 20,000 sq.ft.

  • Delivery Method

    Construction Management


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