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May 10, 2024 Clark Builders

Reflecting on 50 Years of Shaping Communities

It was both the thrill of a challenge and the intrigue of Canada’s extreme Northern terrain that spurred Andy Clark to take on the opportunity in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, in 1974. Clark Builders began in the vast, rugged expanse of Canada's North, where challenging conditions meant that every project had to be meticulously planned and executed. Confronted with short building seasons, limited supply access, and a small workforce developed skills in drawing the best out of what was available. This adversity drove the core values that are deeply rooted within Clark Builders today.

1974 CB FoundedrAndy's philosophy was "One Great Person and One Great Project at a Time," which encapsulated the essence of the company's approach. Clark Builders quickly became known for its commitment to excellence and ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, even under the most extreme and challenging conditions.

In 1979, Clark Builders’ headquarters was established in Edmonton followed by a significant era as they cemented their reputation as experts in cold-climate construction. Notable projects included the Echo Bay Lupin Gold Mine project, Gulf Base Camp in Tuktoyaktuk, and Esso's Norman Wells expansion. These projects showcased Clark Builders' capability to handle anything, from the harsh northern climate to complex logistical obstacles.

By the 1990s, amidst economic fluctuations in the Canadian market, Clark Builders ventured overseas, proving their capabilities in complex projects with a decade of exciting opportunities in places like Siberia, China, and Japan. They constructed the Canadian Village and Hotel Ontario in Yakutsk, Russia; built houses in China; and spearheaded Maple Court, Japan's first wood-framed multi-family housing complex. Clark Builders’ commitment to quality was evident when Maple Court was one of the few buildings that survived the devastating 6.9 magnitude earthquake in 1995.

Calgary tower & CB crane2

In 1999, Clark Builders acquired Carlson Contractors in Calgary, taking a significant step towards expansion. This strategic move not only facilitated the company's entry into southern Alberta but also marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth. Clark Builders began to shape the Calgary skyline with the completion of major multi-unit residential complexes, including the La Caille on the Parke Condominiums in 2004 and the Five West Condominiums in 2008.

An even more significant change occurred in 2012 when Clark Builders formalized a partnership with Turner Construction, a global leader in the industry. This landmark collaboration marked an important milestone in their trajectory, propelling them to the forefront of Canadian construction. While the partnership with Turner Construction provided access to international expertise, the alignment of a ‘people first’ culture has ensured an integration of best practices, capabilities and values maximizing our collective experience.

This development catalyzed a period of unprecedented growth and innovation for Clark Builders. In 2014, NorthStar Equipment Rentals was formed, providing trusted and safe equipment to construction sites across Alberta. Clark Builders then expanded its operations to Vancouver in 2017, followed by Kelowna in 2023, solidifying its presence and impact across Western Canada.

The “One Great Person and One Great Project at a Time” motto evolved into deep-rooted core values and a true sense of purpose that has guided Clark Builders to continued success. The company's portfolio reflects this evolution, focusing on creating better communities through projects that enrich the lives of the people who work with them and the communities they help build. This includes constructing multi-family and affordable living facilities, community centres, seniors living facilities, and other institutional-type buildings.

ESG Main Graphic_ESG Wheel SolidAfter five decades of business, people are still the cornerstone of everything Clark Builders does, with a human-centered approach permeating every aspect of their operations. At the core of leadership lies a commitment to cultivating a culture of collaboration and inclusivity within the organization to engage directly with communities, understanding their unique challenges and aspirations. In recent years, Clark Builders has focused on investing in tomorrow with strategic initiatives and a formalized Environmental Social Governance framework to ensure positive social and environmental contributions to the communities they help build. These efforts include, but are not limited to, progressive Indigenous relations, social procurement, community give-back initiatives, and sustainability practices.

As Clark Builders reflects on its journey of evolution, one thing remains abundantly clear. By building intentionally and placing people at the forefront of their endeavours, Clark Builders has raised the bar for construction standards and has become a catalyst for positive community growth. Looking ahead to the future, the company remains committed to shaping better communities, ensuring its legacy of excellence and impact is focused on investing in tomorrow.

Published by Clark Builders May 10, 2024