Project Details

Size: 57,415 sq.ft. / 5,334 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Stipulated Price

Collaborators: City of Airdrie, GEC Architechture

Project Description

This project was constructed on a green field site in Northeast Airdrie, on a 244,340 sq. ft. plot. This facility consists of a storage bay, a maintenance bay and an 8,000 sq. ft. office area. The warehouse was constructed with precast concrete with insulated metal panels. The Airdrie Transit Facility was designed with expansion in mind. This state-of-the-art complex does not merely fulfill the City’s present needs, but has the capacity to respond to future growth and the changing demands of Airdrie and the fleet.

The scheduling of this project was important since the team needed to close off the building before the winter construction season. Clark Builders was able to successfully collaborate with trade partners during pull planning scheduling sessions throughout the project.

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