Project Details

Size: 28,312 sq.ft./2,630 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Collaborators: CW Tse Architects, CEC Electric

Project Description

This facility was built to support an owner-supplied noodle production line imported from China. Since the equipment arrived non-CSA approved, Clark Builders organized, coordinated and secured certification in order to meet production dates. The multi-functional facility was effectively designed and built to support office spaces, test areas, production and distribution under a single pre-engineered building layout

Attention was paid to the design and execution of food grade requirements for washdown and sanitization. It was signed off as deficiency free at handover. The project was extremely cost effective and delivered on time and within budget.

It features an architectural round atrium complete with gold glazing and a pre-engineered structure, which includes a full wall and ceiling liner to ensure ultimate cleanliness for the food preparation area.

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