Project Details

Size: Phase 1: 181,000 sq.ft/ 16, 815 sq.m, Phase 2: 96,283 sq.ft/8,945 sq.m

Delivery Method: Construction Management, Lump Sum

Collaborators: Nunastar Properties Inc., Hodgson Schilf Architects Inc., Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning Ltd., Read Jones Christofferson, Wasnea Mah Engineering

Project Description

As a multi-phased renovation and construction project, the Explorer Hotel was refreshed and elevated to become a northern destination like no other. The facilities remained operational throughout the renovations of the existing 85 rooms. An additional six floors were constructed off of a pre-existing west wing. The rooms feature their own heating and cooling systems, custom designed wall-to-wall carpeting and vinyl wall covering, which gives each room a rich ambience.

More recently, we also completed upgrades to the conference room, laundry rooms and several suites, including lux suite, sofa suite and standard suites.

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