Project Details

Size: 35,000 sq.ft./3,252 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Construction Management

Collaborators: cSpace Projects, Nyhoff Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects, Read Jones Christofferson

Project Description

The King Edward Arts Hub and Incubator is a creative space for local artists and non-profit organizations that features work spaces, meeting rooms, business services, collaborative technology and social spaces.

This project was carried out over two phases. Phase I included a full restoration of the 1912 heritage building, inclusive of sandstone repairs, new roof, relocation of the existing sandstone chimney, and replacement of an entire 4-storey stairwell. Existing windows were restored or replaced with custom detail to match original exterior and interior casings, all of which was self-performed by Clark Builders, carrying through the level of quality control required to achieve identical replication. Full mechanical and electrical replacement occurred including all site utilities. All major mechanical equipment was installed in the existing 1912 basement, which required excavation of foundations. Phase II commenced after turn over and full occupancy of Phase I and included a Montessori leased space. Our project team had to maintain an operational parking lot and stairwell for occupants, as well as execute a roof replacement with ongoing occupancy. Work on windows include exterior venetian blinds connected to the BMS system, and integrated into the building’s heating and cooling.

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