Project Details

Size: 60,440 sq.ft./5,615 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Lump Sum

Collaborators: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Project Description

Uniquely situated on top of the City Centre Campus West Parkade, the University Service Centre project was a model of sustainability through its innovative approach to expanding services through renovating existing infrastructure, optimizing land use to reduce the footprint, and improving the utilization of existing buildings. The project was designed as an open concept strategy, integrating individual workspaces as well as collaborative high energy hubs throughout.

Green development practices were used throughout the planning, construction, and operation of the building, promoting a holistic approach to sustainability by recognizing the impact our built environment has on natural and human systems. Measures such as saving at least 20% of water use, reducing energy consumption by 30%, diverting 77% of construction and demolition waste from disposal in landfills, incorporating 27% recycled building products, and ensuring that 14% of the building materials and products were extracted, processed, and manufactured within the region were implemented. Energy efficient windows are located along the perimeter, taking advantage of passive solar energy and reducing the demand for artificial heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting.

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