Project Details

Size: 116,000 sq.ft.

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Collaborators: Diamond Schmitt Architects, SMP Engineering, Kerr Interior Systems Ltd, Entuitive Consulting Engineers, Botting & Associates Alberta Ltd., Alcon Electrical Corp. MechWave Engineering

Project Description

The new shared Okotoks Arts and Learning Campus is a vibrant, shared community asset that provides post-secondary and high school opportunities while expanding the current library’s services. It enhances and expands the economic development in Okotoks, creates a more balanced community, enhances the downtown core and provides access to quality infrastructure.

Partnering with a variety of stakeholders, our Integrated Project Delivery Team focused on collaboration and team engagement right from the start to achieve maximum project success. Scheduled workshops at critical project junctures created a forum for collaboration and enhanced the team’s ability to address project challenges proactively.

The Campus consists of 3 floors, with the Towns library relocated to the ground floor and part of the second floor with Community Futures. The third floor is occupied by Christ The Redeemer and St Luke’s. The existing library building will be revitalized into individualized retail units, and a dedicated space for Cameron Crossing & Bow Valley College. The existing park space between the existing library and the new Campus has been revitalized and used for community gatherings and events. The development of the open space is sensitive to the existing riparian lands as they will remain untouched.

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