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Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Description

The Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples in Edmonton, Alberta, holds significant historical and cultural importance to the community. The unfortunate damage caused by fire and smoke in August 2020 called for a complete restoration by our Edmonton Special Projects team.

To save what we could and replicate what we couldn't, our team stripped down the remaining structure to its interior framing and installed a temporary roof over the damaged area. The team then installed all new interior framing, drywall, electrical, and mechanical systems. The project also included the installation of new washrooms, a new lift, a commercial kitchen, as well as designated mechanical and electrical rooms. The existing courtyard was demolished and replaced with new stamped concrete. The remaining roofs were repaired, and new roofing was installed. Our team also refurbished existing exterior wood doors and either repaired or reconstructed all the interior wood finishes.

As the end of the project approached, the team faced their biggest challenge yet when it was announced that Pope Francis would be visiting the church as part of his 2022 Canada tour, bringing international attention to the project. With a firm deadline, our crews worked harder and faster than ever before, and successfully completed the project on time, while dealing with heightened security measures and frequent visits from the media.

Despite the challenges, we are proud of the work we have accomplished in restoring the Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples. Our efforts have not only preserved the historical and cultural significance of this landmark but also created a modern, functional space that can serve the community for generations to come.

  • Client

    Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton

  • Architect

    H2 Architecture

  • Size

    106,605 sq.ft.

  • Delivery Method

    Lump Sum

The Story of Sacred Heart Church

Discover how our team restored the Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples after a devastating fire in 2020, and transformed the gathering place for the world to view.


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