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St. Josaphat Ukranian Catholic Parish Restoration

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Description

The St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church restoration project involved a comprehensive exterior renovation, addressing multiple elements such as masonry, roofing, painting, and wood dome repairs. To accomplish this, a range of specialized techniques and equipment were employed, including the installation of a 12.4-meter perimeter scaffold with two stair towers for fall protection, and a custom-engineered scaffold to access the six upper small copper domes and the main dome that rose 100 feet from ground level.

The masonry repairs included re-tooling all brick mortar joints, as well as restoring the concrete corbels and window sills. Additionally, the project included the removal of all existing asphalt roofing and gutter membranes, with new 50-year asphalt shingles and SBS gutter membranes installed. Over 400 crosses were power-washed and hand-painted, while black grout mortar joints and concrete corbels were also hand-painted. Furthermore, the restoration work encompassed the existing wood panels, wood window screens, decorative pillars, and wood crosses around each dome.

The successful completion of this historical project was made possible by constant communication and expectation-setting between all stakeholders. Despite some challenges with the custom roof scaffolding, the project was ultimately completed to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

Overall, the St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church restoration project was a multifaceted undertaking that required the expertise of a range of specialized professionals. The restoration work has transformed the church's exterior and preserved its historical significance for future generations to enjoy.
  • Client

    St. Josaphat Ukrainian Church

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    Construction Management /
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