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Dec 13, 2023 Clark Builders

Clark Builders announces formalized ESG plan committed to investing in tomorrow

Clark Builders is committed to a more sustainable future through environmental stewardship, active community engagement, and fostering trusted relationships that embrace diversity and inclusivity.

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The Clark Builders Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Plan 2025 was developed as a framework to integrate and build on the current social and environmental programs and practices under one umbrella.

Establishing the ESG Plan aligns with the companies Key Result Areas (KRA’s) and purpose. The comprehensive ESG plan involved input from all Clark Builders business areas to move beyond what they say, to actions and showcasing what they do to ensure these commitments become part of who they are.

The development and implementation of the plan formalize action steps and requirements for each commitment set forth to be measured and validated by our people, our clients, and our community stakeholders. This will provide a clear avenue to track progress towards the goals and share successes.

The ESG plan is the roadmap, and they understand and are dedicated to achieving these goals and the serious effort, resources, and time required to be successful. Resources are critical to the implementation of the established commitments and goals. Through the addition of appropriate resources there is potential to accelerate certain commitments ahead of the established timelines.

Summary of the ESG Plan Pillars:

The ESG plan is built on three pillars consisting of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Within each pillar, the most relevant lines of action, commitments and implementation steps have been defined to influence the decision making.

ESG Graphics_E HexEnvironmental Pillar: Protecting and Sustaining Our Planet

We are dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable construction and believe that businesses must play a leading role in innovations and solutions to address the impacts of climate change. We are focused on advancing sustainable building practices with our skilled team of professionals and integrating Lean practices throughout the construction process to reduce waste on all levels.


ESG Graphics_S HexSocial Pillar: Caring for Our Teams, Our Partners, and Our Communities

Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our business approach, enabling us to cultivate a more positive and impactful culture for our people, clients, and the communities where we work, live and build.


ESG Graphics_G HexGovernance Pillar: Accountable Business Practices for a Better World

The governance factors of decision-making from policymaking to the distribution of rights and responsibilities among employees are critical to our organizational success. Implementing ESG targets into our business and risk framework enables us to develop an environment aligned with our purpose.

In alignment with the integration of ESG target accountability tied to the Executive Leadership Team, they are committed to ensuring a proactive and collaborative approach is taken to critical environmental, social and governance issues, to create lasting positive change.

The plan was built and aligned with the critical importance and interests of the next generation of Clark Builders employees and investing in tomorrow. They encourage you to learn more about what they are doing and the journey they are on and look forward to sharing progress.

For more information on the company plan, please click here.


Published by Clark Builders December 13, 2023