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Sep 23, 2021 Clark Builders

Dr. Anne Anderson High School wins the 2021 Lean in Design Award

The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) has awarded the Dr. Anne Anderson High School project as one of two of LCI’s inaugural “2021 Lean in Design Award” winners.

The LCI Lean in Design Award recognizes delivering outstanding design while advancing the industry through collaborative Lean project delivery. The purpose of this award is to encourage Lean in Design and recognize the architects, engineers, designers, clients, and constructors who work together to improve the design and construction process and produce design excellence in the built environment.

Clark Builders is excited to accept this award at the 2021 LCI Congress in October, where our project team members will also be presenting on the Two Schools of Thought – A Solution for Publicly Funded IPD Projects. Aaron Corser, Project Executive and Aaron Giebelhaus Sr. Project Manager, alongside Terri Gosine, Director of Infrastructure from Edmonton Public Schools (EPS), will present on the IPD progression in the public sector.

The presentation will describe the Owner and Builder perspectives relating to lessons learned in team composition, lean culture building and public owner strategies in the decision-making process. As IPD is not widely adopted in the Canadian market, the presentation will touch on the effects of this delivery model on the country’s current infrastructure procurement and contract delivery landscape. Lastly, the team will expound upon the difference in culture and values indorsement between the two projects and the resulting effects on project outcomes.

For more information on the 23rd Annual LCI Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, please visit:

Published by Clark Builders September 23, 2021