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Oct 19, 2022 Clark Builders

Leadership Promotion Announcement

Clark Builders Group of Companies is pleased to announce recent organizational changes that will enable us to continue to grow our business and support the development of our people. As we head into the last quarter of 2022, we remain focused on efficiency and streamlined decision-making that will enhance our overall business and support our clients.

Effective immediately, Steve Lenarduzzi is appointed the role of President, Kim Connell the role of Senior Vice President, and Andrew Ross, Chief Executive Officer.

Steve is a long-standing Clark Builders employee, starting as a Manager of Project Development in 2009 and advancing through numerous roles to become Senior Vice President in 2018. Now in 2022, in his most recent appointment to President, he will oversee all operations outside of Southern Alberta and provide oversight to the Corporate Development team as we continue our operational strategic planning and growth.

Kim has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and joined Clark Builders in 2019 as Vice President, Project Development and then to Vice President and General Manager of Southern Alberta. With her most recent appointment to Senior Vice President, she’ll continue to lead our Southern Alberta business unit and will now also lead our Virtual Design and Construction team, while being accountable for supporting growth through our market sector initiatives.

Andrew’s tenure with Clark Builders started back in 1996 in the role of a labourer, which then evolved having him hold numerous roles during his first eight years with the business. After spending seven years working for another organization, he returned to Clark Builders in 2011 as Vice President of Corporate Development, then appointed to Executive Vice President, before becoming President in 2018. Now in 2022, his most recent appointment to Chief Executive Officer will have him responsible for corporate and executive decisions and the organization’s success.

Changes like this help us live our purpose, to enrich the lives of the people who work with us, and in the communities we help build.

Congratulations to Steve, Kim, and Andrew on their well-earned promotions — the time, energy, and expertise they apply to the support and development of our people, projects and clients allow us to continually grow our business.

Published by Clark Builders October 19, 2022