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Jun 22, 2022 Clark Builders

Norquest College Daycare Visit

After discovering that our Downtown Campus Development project at Norquest College had captivated the attention and imagination of the local daycare, we decided to plan a surprise for the children.

In May 2022, 1000 Women Childcare Centre at Norquest College sent Clark Builders a short message about how the children in their care had started watching the daily activity of the project team. They watched, completely still in the windows, as the excavators and the bobcats moved across the project site, enraptured by the activity.

So we decided to pay those children a visit.

Armed with play hard hats, reflective vests, and tool kits for tiny hands, we spent an afternoon with these future builders. Shrieks of happiness rose as the bobcat moved dirt, just for them. Once the equipment was safely parked, the children were given their own play PPE and welcomed to ask questions and examine the equipment.

Clark Builders is invested in the communities where we build, and we are so happy that we could add some inspiration to these children.


Published by Clark Builders June 22, 2022