Project Details

Size: 6,488 sq.ft./603 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Lump Sum

Collaborators: Lockerbie & Hole Contracting, Lockerbie Stanley Inc.

Project Description

Clark Builders was contracted for two separate projects at this site. The first was to construct a UV facility, the first of its kind, size and capacity in Alberta. This building, an addition to the pre-existing water treatment plant, has the capacity to house five UV reactors which is enough to manage future water demands of purifying approximately 240 ml a day.

Within five years of completion of the initial project, Clark Builders was re-engaged for the construction of a sodium hypochlorite building. Clark Builders coordinated all aspects of the construction, including the building of a 160 m work bridge to provide access for the construction of a 660 pipe cofferdam.

As the facility had to continue operating throughout construction, the Clark Builders team performed multiple elements of the job under strict timelines. An example of this was the placement of three concrete pumps placed over 1,000 cb.m. within as little as 13 hours. Another example was when the only existing raw water pipe in the original pumphouse was replaced. The team succeeded in installing all new piping and valves within a 48-hour shut down.

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