Project Details

Size: 38,467 sq.ft./3,573 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Collaborators: Manasc Isaac Architects

Project Description

Utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery model, this project leveraged a highly collaborative project team to deliver educational value to the client. The result was an environment that meets 21C learning objectives, celebrates Spanish culture, and nurtures the Mill Creek community. This unique school features a bird’s nest learning commons, a full community daycare and fine arts studios. As a highly collaborative project, this school was constructed with the whole community’s needs in mind, and their feedback was used in the design.

The use of an Integrated Project Delivery Model allowed the team to address the initial budget and schedule challenges using Target Value Design and Last Planner System. Early collaboration between the contractor and consultant groups ensured that the owner’s satisfaction was met and the educational value was prioritized throughout the project life cycle.

The replacement of this existing Spanish immersion school required extensive collaboration and on-boarding of existing staff and students. Multiple visioning sessions, community consultations, and school meetings integrated stakeholder groups and clarified end-user needs.

Environmental and energy best practices played a large part in the design of this school. Students can monitor the activity of the 300 solar panels mounted on the school’s south-facing walls, as well as their school’s energy consumption. Three sensors on the roof tilt the panels for maximum sun exposure. These panels are also visible from the inside of the school.

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