Project Details

Size: 57,749 sq.ft. / 5,365 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Lump Sum

Collaborators: ONPA Architects, Arrow Engineering and BPTEC Engineering

Project Description

To learn about how this project achieved its LEED Silver Certification, click on the below Sustainability Spotlight.

This new K-6 school in the Heritage Hills area of Sherwood Park is providing the Elk Island Public Schools Division with a replacement for the previous Wye Road School. The facility has room for over 650 students and is a modern, state-of-the-art learning facility that allows the students to leave the classrooms and learn in interactive spaces around the entire building.

The two-storey structure includes unique features such as a central corridor that links classroom space with staff space and an outdoor classroom on the second floor, designed for growing plants and a future science garden. The school also includes a cast-in-place concrete feature staircase with glass railing system, a glazing curtain wall in the gymnasium and 204 solar panels (104 solar panels outside and 100 solar panels on the roof).

The entire building cladding work was self-performed by the Clark Builders Architectural Products Team, specializing in creating a continuous monolithic building enclosure and insulated wall structure.

Exterior panels are composed of an Austrian made phenolic panel, a robust and fireproof panel capable of withstanding all external influences. The wood based phenolic panel is crafted from sustainable resources. The dark concrete panels that make up a portion of this school’s exterior use natural raw mineral materials with cement to produce a modern concrete panel, installed with a hidden fastener rail system to give a floating appearance to this already modern looking exterior.

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