Project Details

Size: 106,433 sq.ft. / 9,888 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Construction Management

Collaborators: M3 Development Management Ltd., Larkspur Consulting Inc., Kasian

Project Description

Red Crow Community College is a specialized post-secondary institution located on the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta. As the first Tribal college in Canada, it is uniquely positioned to lead among Indigenous education providers.

In collaboration with Larkspur Consulting Inc., M3 Development Management Ltd., and Kasian, Clark Builders is constructing the new 9,888 sq.m. campus building that will replace the main campus building that was destroyed in a fire in 2015 and will be located on Kainai First Nation Reserve in Stand Off, Cardston County, Alberta.

Once complete, the new campus will be two-storeys, constructed on shallow foundations with structural steel and laminated timber structure. The new building will include classrooms, workshops, labs, academic and counselling spaces for students, administrative and program spaces for employees, a library, cafeteria, and a daycare. It will also feature a museum and archive space, a cultural teaching and gathering space, and an area for Elders. The space will serve as a community hub and support students, staff, and the community to gather, learn and celebrate Blackfoot culture.

The Red Crow Community College is a special project for us because it’s being built in partnership with the community it serves. We have remained focused on succeeding as a team, hiring local and supporting local entrepreneurs. The result will be more than just a building but a gathering space for students and the greater community for generations to come.

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