Project Details

Size: 5,725 sq.ft. / 3,318 sq.m.

Delivery Method: Construction Management

Collaborators: Gibbs Gage Architects

Project Description

The single-storey Siksika Chief Crowfoot Elementary School built on Siksika Nation lands located near the town of Cluny, Aberta that can accommodate students ranging from Pre-K through to Grade 6. It is primarily constructed out of steel framing, concrete block, concrete CIP piles, grade beams and structural slab on grade. The client’s cultural focus can be seen throughout the project by the various colours and shapes incorporated into the design of the schools finishes. A cultural room showcases custom curved glulam beams where wood paneling gives way to a full height embossed log wall complete with the an engraved Siksika Nation Coat of Arms. The Nation’s cultural influence in also reflected in the in the school’s exterior finishes. A landscape pathway leading outside references a spiritual journey from the cultural room. The project also includes a running track, bus drop off loop and full height weathering metal wall panels comprising part of the wall assembly, acting as both signage and as exterior art pieces.

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