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Surrey Recycle and Waste Drop-Off Facility

Surrey, British Columbia

Project Description

The Surrey Recycling and Waste Drop-off Facility is an innovative addition to the Metro Vancouver Solid Waste System, serving as a modern and efficient center for recycling and waste disposal. 

Specifically designed to accommodate smaller manually unloaded vehicles, this facility ensures smooth traffic flow and provides safe and convenient access for the proper disposal of both free and paid recyclables and waste materials. 

The facility encompasses a range of features to support its operations effectively. It includes a dedicated residential recycling area situated before the scales, facilitating the collection of free recyclables. Additionally, there is a spacious transfer station facility, capable of handling garbage and fee-based recyclables.

The project included the construction of essential structures such as a transfer building, offices, sheltered depot area, scales with scalehouses, 11 parking stalls, a paved yard, and a secure fence. The transfer building itself is an impressive example of a self-performed pre-engineered structure, showcasing a unique architectural approach. 

By incorporating a suspended slab and slab topping, block walls, and a metal roofing canopy, the design achieves an ideal blend of cost efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Notably, the use of translucent panels at the top of the primary structure creates a panoramic effect, while the outward positioning of the exposed columns highlights the engineered taper, making it a prominent feature of the façade.

The execution of the project adhered to rigorous environmental guidelines, emphasizing the implementation of effective controls. This included comprehensive measures for reducing construction waste, managing construction energy consumption, and mitigating ecological impact. Throughout the construction lifecycle, measures such as rainwater filtration and sediment control were meticulously incorporated to ensure minimal ecological disruption.

Overall, the Surrey Recycling and Waste Drop-off Facility represents a state-of-the-art solution for waste management in Metro Vancouver.

Through our thoughtful approach to construction and commitment to environmental sustainability, this facility not only promotes efficient recycling and waste disposal but also serves as a model for future projects, showcasing the successful integration of cost-effective construction practices and architectural excellence.

  • Client

    Metro Vancouver

  • Architect


  • Size

    168,993 sq.ft.

  • Delivery Method

    Lump Sum


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